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Welcome to dontuseuhaul.com. This site is dedicated to getting the word out about the business practices of one of the largest self-moving companies around. If you found this site while planning a move, remember that moving is a stressful experience even under the best of conditions. When it comes time to choose a company to help with your move, I hope the stories posted here will persuade you to keep as far away from UHaul as you can.

Troy started this site after a horrible moving experience his wife and he had trying to use UHaul to move from Illinois to Wisconsin. He put down money to reserve a truck only to find that, come moving day, no such truck was available. They incurred a lot of extra expense and stress to find someone who could complete our move in a timely manner. To make a long story short, they took UHaul to small claims court and collected on the few thousand dollars we ended up spending because UHaul didn't live up to their end of the deal. You can read all about their ordeal under the "How to Sue UHaul" section of this site.

Troy's small claims suit was originally the scope of this site. Since he put it up, we've heard from a lot of frustrated people who have had various problems with the service and quality of equipment they got from UHaul. In the posts on this site and the links to stories on other sites you will find testimonies that demonstrate again and again that this company does not care about its customers.

Since it went up, this site has become a place to rant, to seek advice, to see what other UHaul customers have experienced, how they've lived to tell about it, and what they're planning to do about it. Troy opened the Message Board as a place for visitors to share their UHaul experiences, comment on others' experiences, or pretty much post whatever they want.

Since the time that Troy started this site, Rob took it over after he and his wife had a terrible experience with UHaul.